Staylight Fitness’s Website Shapes Up

Most people want to take care of their bodies.  But gyms can be intimidating and inconvenient.    That’s why Staylight Fitness has decided to bring the gym to the people.

When a person signs up for Staylight, they’re assigned a personal trainer who comes to their home, office, garage, or wherever they decide is the best place for them to workout.  This trainer helps them set goals, shows them exercises, provides dieting advice, tracks their progress and more.

Staying in great shape has never been simpler.

And to match the simplicity and freshness of their concept, Staylight Fitness needed a website that was modern and easy to use.  They wanted visitors to be able to learn and see just about everything without leaving the homepage.

Their first website was built on Wix so it was fairly limited in it’s functionality (it also didn’t fair so well in search engines).

Our custom designed WordPress site was able to give them exactly what they wanted.  You can see a glimpse of it here:

Finished ProductMost people want to take care of their bodies Staylight Fitness’s Website Shapes Up

However, to truly get the full experience, we recommend visiting the full website here.  True to the nature of Staylight’s business, their website is very active.

And if you’re looking to get into great shape, you might want to consider giving Staylight Fitness a try.  After all, the first session is free.

What do you think of the new website?  How do you stay in shape?  Any advice for attaining that perfect six-pack?