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Build a Website for as Low at $1.49!

At ResellerClub, we’re constantly innovating to help improve your customer experience & boost your business. In the light of that, we’re proud to announce custom made combo plans (a.k.a bundles) to help your customers get their websites online!

What are Combo Plans?

Product Bundles or Combo Plans are discounted offers on our most popular products packaged together to help you drive your business. The Product Bundles are combinations of Domain names, Single Domain Hosting, Website Builder and Business Email packages.

You can get a package complete with Hosting, E-mail and Domain (COM/ NET/ IN/ONLINE) for an unbelievable price of just $1.49!

Combos Plans Available

Here are the combos you can choose from:

re constantly innovating to help improve your customer experience  Build a Website for as Low at $1.49!

re constantly innovating to help improve your customer experience  Build a Website for as Low at $1.49!

re constantly innovating to help improve your customer experience  Build a Website for as Low at $1.49!

re constantly innovating to help improve your customer experience  Build a Website for as Low at $1.49!



API Integration & SuperSite Changes

You can find the new API calls here and SuperSite changes here.

Fastest Finger First Contest

No launch as big as this is fun without a few giveaways, prizes & contest. We concur. That is why we have we’re offering the first 100 combos absolutely free of cost!

How does the contest work?

Step 1: On 30th November, you will receive an e-mail once the Combo plans are available on OrderBox which is your cue to start purchasing.

Step 2: Go ahead & purchase the combo of your choice.

Step 3: If you are among the first 100 buyers of the combos, you will receive your first bundle absolutely free of cost! If you have purchased multiple combos, you will still only receive the first combo free.

How will the fastest buyers be identified?

By the timestamp on your invoice.

How will you receive your free combo?

You will receive  a credit note with the equivalent purchase amount of the first combo within 7 working days.

For all Combo Plans related queries, do take a good look at our website page. If you’ve got queries for us, please do leave them in the comments section below & we’ll be happy to answer you!

Go ahead & start offering combo packages to your customers! Bundles will be available on the SuperSite on 30th November, 2015!

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Blackfriday Deals You Can’t Miss!

It’s almost Thanksgiving & no holiday season goes without a sale! Adding to the good cheer & festive spirit, we at ResellerClub are slashing prices on account activation, as well as a bunch of Top Level Domains & hosting products!

As a part of our Blackfriday promotion, you can activate your new ResellerClub account for just $25 $10!

 we at ResellerClub are slashing prices on account activation Blackfriday Deals You Can’t Miss!

Here are the list of domains on the Blackfriday sale. Please note, they are only valid for 3 days so grab them at these prices now! .GLOBAL is on a special promo & is valid for just 1 day (27th November). Do not miss the opportunity!

 we at ResellerClub are slashing prices on account activation Blackfriday Deals You Can’t Miss!

We’ve also introduced brand new promos on .DESIGN, .WIKI & .INK. These promos are valid till 31st January 2016!

 we at ResellerClub are slashing prices on account activation Blackfriday Deals You Can’t Miss!

You can see the entire list of promos here.

Continuing the Blackfriday festivities, our Hosting Promos are valid till the end of the month. Here are the offers we have on Reseller & Shared Hosting. We hope you’re making your purchases NOW!

Reseller Hosting – Upto 40% off!

Plan R0 R1 R2 R3 R4
Promo Price $7.99 $10.99 $12.99 $16.99 $25.49


Shared Hosting – Twelve months for the price of Eight months

Purchase Tenure Business Pro
12 months $40 $52

This Thanksgiving, we’re giving you an opportunity to earn at least $100 on every Dedicated Hosting server you sell! Visit out website for more details.

 we at ResellerClub are slashing prices on account activation Blackfriday Deals You Can’t Miss!

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Shopping!

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New gTLD Report – November ’15

The new gTLD report this month brought quite a bit of surprises. Let’s have a look at the report with the graph displaying the Top 15 TLDs for the month of November. This is great information if you’re a domain reseller or looking to start your business.

New gTLD Report – November 2015

Create pie charts

*Registration Numbers facilitated by ResellerClub

While I was extracting the data, adding up the numbers & attempting to make analytical sense of it all, a couple of figures caught my attention. I’d like to highlight the results that stood out to me quite starkly:

1) .XYZ raced ahead of the other TLDs to the No. 1 spot, overtaking the long standing reign of .SCIENCE & more than doubling the .XYZ registrations of the earlier month.

Possible reason: This could be due to the growing popularity of the extension after Google purchased a domain name on the TLD for Alphabet Inc. The demand for the TLD only seems to be picking up steam.

2) .BID showed a whooping 85% difference in registration numbers from last month to this month, rising in ranking!

Possible reason: The promo on the TLD in the month of November, contributing to steep rise. .BID which earlier featured in the 48th position in October, rose up to the 14th position this month due to the promo price dropping from $17.49 to a massive low of $1.99!

3) Some TLDs remained on the list of Top 15 for November.

Possible reason: TLDs like .SCIENCE, .PARTY, .WIN, .SPACE, .WEBSITE retained their place on the list due to continuous promos running right from October.

We’ve got some exciting new promos on .WIKI, .INK & .DESIGN throughout this month. Do check them out. We’ve also got some great Blackfriday deals on .SITE, .SPACE, .WEBSITE, .ONLINE & . TECH, valid only for a few days. .GLOBAL is available for a price of $4.99 for only a day (27th November). Make haste & register the TLD!  You can see all our promos on domains here. Get your domain reselling business rolling.



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Is Content Syndication Good for SEO?

 syndicating your content is like chewing on a piece of gum Is Content Syndication Good for SEO?When it comes to your SEO efforts, syndicating your content is like chewing on a piece of gum. It will keep you busy and leave a nice taste in your mouth, but it will ultimately provide you with zero nourishment.

While content syndication is nothing new (see the Associated Press), it has recently sprung up as an internet marketing tactic, and it has become quite controversial.

Why Syndicate at All?

Content syndication is the means of duplicating and posting content that is already published on your own website to third party sites. It is a tactic that is used in an attempt to drive more traffic back to your own website by spreading your content across the Internet.

You are probably tempted to syndicate content because it may get you exposure to larger, more popular websites’ audiences. If the sites that you choose to syndicate with are larger and more regarded, some of that authority can also be passed on to you, boosting your website’s reputation.

But it’s not all that some people make it out to be.

How Content Syndication Can Hurt SEO

Content syndication can work when it is implemented properly.

But therein lies the problem.

If you are unfamiliar with the workings of link attribution and rel=canonical/no-index tags, you are asking for search engines to send your original content straight to the land of forgotten links.

When you syndicate your content, you are creating duplicate pages with identical content that search crawlers must go through when a query is entered. While the crawlers do try to find the original source of the content, many times the pages of the websites that you’ve syndicated with (i.e. the duplicate copies) will rank higher than your original content.

This often happens because the websites that hold the duplicate content have more activity on them than your website (which is likely why you chose to syndicate with them), meaning Google will rank those websites higher, thus sending web traffic to duplicate pages instead of to the source.

 syndicating your content is like chewing on a piece of gum Is Content Syndication Good for SEO?


It’s Worse

In the worst case scenario, Google will recognize your original page as the duplicate content and ultimately hide it from search results altogether.

This is undoubtedly bad for you since the very people you are trying to attract will be diverted to other websites. Your content will still be read, but your website traffic, and thus your conversion rates will suffer.

Google spells this out clearly in their duplicate content help section, saying,”If you syndicate your content on other sites, Google will always show the version we think is most appropriate for users in each given search, which may or may not be the version you’d prefer.”

This leads to problems not only with SEO, but also with brand awareness. Content creation is not only about SEO, but also about gaining recognition as an influential voice in your industry. When content is syndicated and displayed on multiple websites, the origin of the source can get lost in the mix. Many times, the fact that you created the piece is forgotten, along with your company’s brand.

What Are the Alternatives?

There are few proven strategies that can help you gain more website traffic. Instead of opting for the controversial strategy of content syndication, you can implement one of these strategies:

Guest Blogging

Rather than having another website create a duplicate page for your content, write something original and have them post it as a guest blog or a piece of featured content. By doing this, you will still gain access to the website’s audience, will be able to link back to your website and you won’t have to worry about the consequences of duplicate content.

Focus on Original Content

Writing stellar content is about being newsworthy, taking a stand on issues that matter and encouraging engagement at every turn.

Instead of trying to get your content duplicated and spread across the Internet, you would be better served by focusing on creating content (blog posts, videos, infographics, etc.) that will gain the attention of larger websites and other bloggers.

Let other websites find and link back to your content, rather than begging for space on theirs. You can also contact website owners who run sites that are related to your industry, asking them to link back to your website’s content.

It’s link earning tactics like these that will get your content noticed without risking duplication.

Inbound Marketing that Works

Do you have a lack of faith in your inbound marketing strategies? Head on over to our contact page and let us know what your goals are. We can help you reach them.

No content syndication required.

Disagree with us? Let us know why you think content syndication works in the comments below.



Quando você decide começar um negócio de revenda hospedagem, escolher uma empresa pode ser uma tarefa difícil. Como todas as empresas do mercado prometem 99% de uptime essa decisão fica ainda mais complicada. É preciso se certificar que a empresa escolhida não só forneça o máximo de uptime, como também recursos ilimitados e um eficiente suporte. Esta é a melhor maneira de finalizar um serviço de hospedagem.

Embora o preço seja algo importante a ser analisado, ele não deve ser o único fator a ser levado em consideração. Escolher um serviço profissional de hospedagem para seu negócio de revenda irá garantir maior eficiência a longo prazo. Aqui estão algumas das considerações importantes que o ajudarão a decidir o melhor provedor de serviço de hospedagem que melhor se adapta a sua exigência:


Muitas pessoas optam por pacotes com preços atrativos ao invés do pacotes específicos de hospedagem. No entanto, o preço não deve ser o fator determinante na escolha de um provedor de hospedagem .

Depois de considerar diversos provedores de hospedagem, considere  também as diferenças de preços entre eles. Não feche contrato com a empresa mais barata, isso pode não ser uma boa ideia caso pretenda ganhar dinheiro com o seu negócio de hospedagem. Fique atento às empresas que oferecem contratos a longo prazo com um preço menor, pois se de um lado você economiza, de outro, perde a liberdade de optar por uma empresa melhor no futuro.

-Especificações Técnicas

Faça uma pesquisa sobre o mercado de hospedagem, faça uma análise e descubra como você quer que funcione o seu negócio. Se estiver planejando hospedar uma série de sites para terceiros com grande conteúdo de mídia e vídeos, você não deve contratar o pacote de hospedagem mais barato. Neste tipo de pacote você não terá memória RAM necessária, além do insuficiente poder de processamento e espaço em disco que você precisará para a empresa de revenda de hospedagem. Além disso, você pode se desgastar desnecessariamente lidando com o tempo de inatividade e problemas de carregamento.

-Específicações de largura de banda
Considere as limitações de largura de banda de diferentes provedores de pacotes de hospedagem. Certifique-se de que não irá pagar mais para o adicionar tráfego sempre que os sites de terceiros tenham um maior número de visitantes. A maioria das empresas de hospedagem incluem uma largura de banda ilimitada para trafégo em seus pacotes.

-Suporte Técnico
Um bom suporte técnico faz toda a diferença na hora de escolher um provedor de hospedagem. Pesquise se a empresa possui diferentes maneiras de atendimento – email, chamada gratuita, serviço 24/7. Verifique que tipo de suporte técnico a empresa de hospedagem oferece especialmente à meia-noite.Veja se eles respondem rápido e quão eficaz é a sua resposta.

-Planejamento futuro
É importante que a empresa que você contratou hoje também faça parte de seus planos no futuro. Será que a sua atual empresa pode atender suas demandas daqui há alguns anos? Uma empresa web deve se concentrar no crescimento e na expansão futura. Sendo assim, caso a empresa de hospedagem tenha dificuldade em atender o crescimento de sua hospedagem, você terá um problema.

Muitas empresas oferecem mais recursos do que podem suportar. Verifique se a empresa de hospedagem que você escolheu possui boas ofertas de largura de banda e permite overselling.

-Painel de Monitoramento
Possuir um painel de controle é um fator imprescidível na escolha da empresa de hospedagem. É através dele que você vai comprar, gerenciar e renovar seus serviços com facilidade e conveniência de cPanel com instalador Fanstástico, que automatiza a instalação de aplicações web para um site.
Na ResellerClub, oferecemos excelentes preços na revenda de hospedagem, dando-lhe uma margem de lucro rentável e suporte 24/7.Começar um negócio de hospedagem nunca foi tão fácil!

Tem alguma dúvida que gostaria de compartilhar conosco? Deixe-nos um comentário!
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MN BlogCon 2015 Recap and Blogging Trends on the Rise

It was 7:30am on a Saturday, and my alarm was going off.  This might be normal for some, but I generally try to grab another 2-3 hours at the start of my weekend.

This Saturday, however, was special.  It was the day of the Minnesota Blogger Conference.

Or just BlogCon, as many have come to call it.

  It was the day of the Minnesota Blogger Conference MN BlogCon 2015 Recap and Blogging Trends on the RiseAfter pressing snooze a few times, I was up, and out the door to join hundreds of other writers, marketers, PR specialists, and personal bloggers at St. Catherine’s University in Saint Paul, MN the 6th year of this event.  It was surprisingly beautiful for mid-November.

Having missed last year’s event, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much it had grown in just two years.  Over 300 attendees were there to hear from industry professionals about trends, advice, and general guidance in the world of blogging.

While I, being one human being, wasn’t able to attend the multitude of sessions of they offered, I was able to get some great takeaways that I’d like to share.

Advice on Creating Social Communities

Digital marketer and proud dog owner Adam Dince shared some tips on how to build online social media communities, specifically on Twitter.  These can ultimately can drive traffic to your blog and increase your digital authority.

Twitter chats are regularly scheduled events that take place openly a Twitter.  Using a pre-specified hashtag, people are able to engage in a back-and-forth discussion with others across the world.  This is a great way to build community and connect with others.

Adam also gave some simple pro-tips for Twitter:

– When sharing a post on Twitter, attach a picture to it.  Pictures get more attention, and you can tag other people in them without affecting your character limit.

– Pin your best tweets to the top of your Twitter profile.  This is an underused feature that can increase the relevancy of your profile page and increase your chances of being followed.

From Keywords to Content

Another session I attended was led by James Svoboda.  In this, he showed us his process of selecting your initial keyword and then through a variety of tools, finding what variant of that keyword is most relevant.

Starting with something broad like “dessert” you can use a variety of tools to discover more specific keywords that will be easier to rank for.

Sometimes, the best way to start is by typing a word or phrase into Google’s search and seeing what similar searches it suggests to you.

A pro-tip from James:

– Sometimes, Google’s tools will favor a keyword that they want people to pay to run ads with over a keyword that’s actually better for you.  This is one of a few reasons why we use multiple keyword tools for our marketing clients.

Trends That Every Blogger Needs to Know

The session that I found to be the most interesting was led by the co-creator of BlogCon, Arik Hanson.  It was a session so packed, half of us in the room (myself included) sat on the floor.

Here are the main takeaways from that:

Avoiding Content Shock

In an age of Buzzfeed, the internet has become obsessed with listicles and click-bait titles.  While listicles can be a great thing, there’s such a huge saturation of them that it’s hard to stand out or compete.

And worse, we’ve reached a point where people are purposely making generic, broad lists and advice posts in an attempt to reach the broadest audiences possible.  This results in mediocre content that lacks personality.

  It was the day of the Minnesota Blogger Conference MN BlogCon 2015 Recap and Blogging Trends on the Rise

The Count still loves listicles

The rising trend now is to add more of yourself and your viewpoint into your blog, going back to the roots of blogging itself.  People should be over looking for the biggest audience, and instead, look for the right audience.

RSS is Dead – The Newsletter is Alive

When I got into blogging, one of the first things I was told to setup was an RSS feed.  That way, people could subscribe to my blog and read it regularly and everything will be wonderful.

This has changed drastically.  RSS feeds aren’t a popular thing anymore.  Many of the popular RSS aggregators (like Google’s) have been shut down.

Instead, the focus is on Newsletters and creating an email database.  This is why we design newsletter subscriptions into most of our website builds and stress the importance of email marketing to our clients.

This gives you a direct channel to customers and visitors that cared enough about your business to subscribe to you.

DIY Designs are Popular and Accessible…but Not Necessarily Good Looking

In a time when large images on your website are a must, many have turned to the variety of Do-It-Yourself graphic design tools out there to create graphics for their site.

In theory, this isn’t bad, and if you have a bit of an eye for design, you might be able to whip up something that looks decent.

However, the consensus in the room was that even at their best, these DIY designs pale in comparison to a custom made graphic put together in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Also, there was concern that once everyone starts using them, the same stock images and background patterns will be noticeably repeating across everyone’s website.

Branding – The Importance Of

Looks used to matter little in blogs.  People were just going there for the content which was overflowing from the each page.

Now, however, many blogs look less like blogs and more like bold, beautiful websites with pictures and proper spacing.

Social Sharing is Not What it Used to Be

Social traffic from Facebook and to a lesser degree, Twitter has long been the dominant force of driving traffic to many people’s blogs.  That isn’t the case anymore as we’ve seen the rise of something called “Dark Social”.

Don’t worry, it’s not as ominous as it sounds.

It is, however, a large topic that we’ll be covering in depth in a future post.  So please, check back later for more on that.  Just know that having a Twitter and Facebook link on your blog isn’t enough anymore.

Other Trends

There were a few more items discussed such as content syndication and the direction that comment sections are going.  Regarding content syndication, while it can work for certain types of blogs and sites, for those trying to develop a strong SEO presence, content syndication boils down to duplicate content, which is a very, very bad thing.

As for comment sections, like social sharing, they aren’t what they used to be.  But at Radiate Digital, we still think they have a place on the internet.  Expect to see a post regarding that in the very near future.

A Great Time for Blogging

Despite how much the environment is changing, blogging is bigger than ever and remains a great way to stay relevant in your industry while providing value to your audience.  If you’re wanting to take your blogging game to the next level, contact us today.

And to the people responsible for the Minnesota Blogger Conference, thanks for putting on a great event.  We will see you next year!

Were you at BlogCon?  Share your thoughts below! Have a question for us?  Feel free to ask it.


.DESI: TLD in Focus

ICANN’s new gTLD program has led to the release of a wide range of gTLDs over the past 3 years. In this edition of TLD in Focus, we want to bring to light a TLD which aims to proudly represent the people and culture of the Indian sub-continent; .DESI.

Are your customers looking for something out of the ordinary and unique to associate their businesses with? A dash of some Indic vibe? If so, the .DESI is your go-to TLD. It is the only domain name that aims to integrate a culturally diverse society belonging to the Indian Sub-continent.

According to Siddharth Ohri, .DESI TLD co-founder, “.DESI is a platform for communication – it is a way for people to make their statement, to do and accomplish things that they were not able to do before.” (DN Journal) It seems pretty evident that a substantial platform is lacking in order to bridge the gaps between the desi community. Siddharth believes this is where .DESI can serve it’s purpose.

With the .DESI, your brand automatically positions itself to Indians with common roots spread across the globeSo go ahead and give your customers a unique identity on the .DESI platform.


Want to know more? Here’s a short introduction to the .DESI domain:



We at ResellerClub offer the TLD at a price of just $4.99 (66% discount), all the more reasons for you to get the .DESI. We have massive discounts on more new gTLDs as well! You can have a look at Domain Promos here.

As domain resellers, we assure you that .DESI is the perfect hub for all the ‘desis’ across the globe to showcase their identity and to get in touch with their roots. .DESI has managed to get more than 2000 registrations so far according to

‘Desis’ scattered all across the globe belong to different national, cultural, educational, economic and religious backgrounds. Siddharth Ohri felt that there was no obvious place to go online dedicated to the promotion of desi culture and business, no real place to show desi pride.  The new .desi creates one platform, one unified way of being connected to the global desi community while maintaining the diversity of what it means to be a desi. (DN Journal).

If you require assistance with registrations or if you need help with anything else, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below so that we may get in touch with you.

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ResellerClub Presents HostingCon 2015

As we draw closer to the final month in the year, we at ResellerClub can barely contain our excitement for December. No, Christmas isn’t what we’re talking about…ResellerClub Presents HostingCon- Asia’s Premier Conference & Trade show for Cloud, Domains & Hosting Businesses is coming to Mumbai, India! It’s your one chance to meet, network & learn from the Industry’s best & most experienced!

We have a fabulous line of speakers this year & we cannot wait for you to find out who they are! We will announce the list of power packed speakers & the agenda shortly but for now, let’s tell you a little about the event:

Dates: Dec 11- 12

Venue: Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre,

Hall 5,


Mumbai, India

What to expect: Over the course of the two days, you can expect to meet over 2300 attendees & 40 partners and attend about 18 sessions. Of course, not to mention the amazing free food, drinks & great company!

You can register for free or register as a VIP to get special benefits.

You can also check out more information on the event here.

We’d love to see you there & look forward to catching up with you!

As we draw closer to the final month in the year ResellerClub Presents HostingCon 2015

Take a look at all that happened last year at ResellerClub Presents HostingCon 2014 here.



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Welcome Home: ResellerClub at WHD India 2015

It was a delightful day for us at ‘World Hosting Days India’ held in Mumbai on the 28th of October. The ResellerClub booth did have a warm, welcoming look to it. So it must have been a lack of sleep and excess of caffeine for our hard working event crew. A pleasant morning which started off with eagerness and optimism met more than what we had anticipated.

 So it must have been a lack of sleep and excess of caffeine for our hard working event cr Welcome Home: ResellerClub at WHD India 2015

Our Account Managers and Sales team representatives probably found it hard to catch a breather with the increasing number of enthused attendees and our beloved Resellers. We are ever-ready when it comes to customer queries and tech-support, but it felt good to put a face to a name and clear the doubts of our customers; a much-needed exchange of our future prospects and ideas. Our Account Managers provided a live demo for our existing Resellers. For those who were new to what ResellerClub is, our NewBiz team gave a virtual tour on what we are all about and how they can benefit from us along with how the supersite functions.

 So it must have been a lack of sleep and excess of caffeine for our hard working event cr Welcome Home: ResellerClub at WHD India 2015

The ResellerClub booth had a lot of fun and games to begin with. From an industry-related quiz, to free selfie-sticks with which attendees uploaded live selfies using the hashtag ‘SmilewithResellerClub’, to goodie bags and a lucky draw as well! Each of the 3 games had a winner and the prize that was given away was a brand new HTC 620G. The best selfie won the social media contest. The lucky draw was among a bunch of business cards at our reception desk. It was definitely all smiles for our customers and our Team.

Shridhar’s Speech

Post-lunch at around 2 pm, our very own General Manager Mr. Shridhar Luthria delivered a speech that was well received by one and all present there. His speech revolved around the Internet industry in context with the Indian market. Some of the highlights of the topic were:

  1. How customers prioritize social media platforms over the importance of a website
  2. How customers think the website is more of an added expense which will not be of much value for their business or establishment
  3. How SMBs are not questioning the value of an online presence and how they could make better use of a website

“There are less than 50,000 responsive websites in India.”

 So it must have been a lack of sleep and excess of caffeine for our hard working event cr Welcome Home: ResellerClub at WHD India 2015

“Should we only offer a website or a holistic package to add value to the website?”

The crux of it all is that we at ResellerClub want to transcend the concept of a website to an online presence package. We would like the website to be perceived as a central source of information for everything online by linking social media, advertising, PR to one place. Thus, we are soon going to introduce ResellerClub bundles. Imagine an all-in-one package that consists of a domain, web hosting as well as e-mail. We believe that this could change that way we do business and in short, help to improve your sales.

WHD India wound up with some delicious food, drinks and quiet a memorable after-party! We surely had fun because we love what we do and are looking forward to meeting you at ResellerClub presents HostingCon India 2015 in Mumbai! See you there!

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Design Services

Does My Website Look Good?

A lot of people like to shop for clothes in groups.  It’s not that clothes-shopping is a two-person job.  It’s that they want a second opinion.  They go into the fitting room, put on the items they grabbed, walk out, and ask:

Does this look good?

A lot of people like to shop for clothes in groups Does My Website Look Good?

Photo credit: Mark Roberts

Either that or they ask “does this make me look fat?”, in which case, the answer is always no.

But the point is, second opinions are often important.  When it comes to examining our own things, whether it’s what you’re wearing or something you’ve written or how you’re going to handle a confrontation, we can’t really view it from an impartial, external perspective.

And the same is true for your website.

In the eyes of your customer, how your website looks says a lot about your business.  If it’s broken and dated and difficult to use, they will apply those same traits to your company.  And while you might think your website is perfectly fine, you’re not the person your website is trying to reach.

Which means you need to find someone and ask them “does my website look good?”

But not just anyone.  You wouldn’t ask someone who dresses poorly what they think of your shirt, and therefore, you shouldn’t ask someone who barely knows how to Google something whether or not your website is good.

You should ask professionals. Like us.

Does Your Website Look Good?

It’s hard for us to give a full opinion without directly looking at it, but we’ve put together a checklist that can apply to most websites that should give a general idea of the condition of your current site.

Is it broken?

We’ll start with the most important item.  Because it doesn’t matter if your website is professionally designed or not, if it’s broken, it’s ugly by default.

A broken website can be many things, and none of these things are good.  Are there pictures missing?  Does text go outside of boxes and content areas?  Do links and buttons not work?

First and foremost, you should make sure your website works on a basic level.

Is it cohesive?

The next item is a little broad, but important: cohesion.  Ultimately, it’s a question of branding.  Are consistent colors used throughout your website?  Do the fonts match up?  Does your logo match the style of the website?

When you take a bird’s eye view of your site design, does it look like it was made intentionally?  Or does it look like a construction paper collage assembled by a first grader?

Is it legible?

Sometimes, people get carried away with fonts.  This was a particularly big issue in late 90’s websites where multicolored text on dark backgrounds and strange, illegible cursive fonts reigned supreme.  And while the internet has grown up since then, we still run into websites where it’s a struggle to read what’s actually on the site.

So ask yourself, truthfully, can you easily read the content on your site?

Is it responsive?

A responsive website is one that adapts to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on, such as a smartphone or tablet.  Your website might look okay on a desktop computer or even a laptop, but how does it look on a mobile device?

Can you still read the text?  Are the buttons and tabs and menu items easy to press with your finger?

Does it have pictures?  Are they good ones?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then there’s a lot of negative things to be said about a website that has bad photography.  Pictures on websites are very important, and most are starting to understand this.  After all, the internet has become the photo album of our lives.

But when it comes to your website, not just any picture will do.

We recommend your website has large, in focus, unique photos that represent you.  We live in an age where professional grade cameras (and even photography services) are incredibly affordable.  Honestly, top-level smartphones can take some pretty great pictures.

If you simply don’t have much to be photographed, there are amazing stock-images out there too.

Simply put, there’s no excuse to have no pictures, tiny pictures, blurry pictures, or generic stock photos filled with people awkwardly smiling and high-fiving.

A lot of people like to shop for clothes in groups Does My Website Look Good?

Seriously, why do photos like this exist?

Does the Navigation and Flow of Information Make Sense?

Let’s pretend you’re coming to your website for the first time.  You don’t know where anything is, and you’re looking a specific piece of information.  Maybe it’s the hours of operation or a specific list of services.  Starting at the homepage, would you be able to find that info?  How many clicks would it take to get you there?

Even if your website “looks good”, if it’s a struggle to find basic/important info on your site, your site is not good.

How Old is Your Website?

Much like fashion, good website design changes over time.  What looked great in 2005 looks dated and tacky now.  Truthfully, if your website is older than 5 years, it could probably use a facelift.  Even if it’s 3 or 4 years old, there’s a chance it’s out of style.

So, How are We Looking?

Do you think your website might be lacking in the looks department?  The good news is, we can fix that.  Head over to our contact page and send us some more info.  We can make sure your business gets back in style.

What do you think makes a website look out of style?